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Enriching minds, inspiring futures

Embark on a transformative educational journey at Montessori of Anaheim, where our diverse enrichment programs are meticulously designed to provide children with meaningful and inspiring experiences. Our goal is to nurture a profound love for learning, fostering deeper understanding across various enrichment areas.

Explore the following enriching programs:

  • Music and Movement: Engage your child in a harmonious blend of rhythm and expression, promoting physical coordination and creative exploration.
  • Foreign Language Classes (Spanish and Chinese): Broaden linguistic horizons as children embark on a captivating journey into the richness of Spanish and Chinese languages.
  • Artistic Exploration: Encourage creativity and self-expression through a range of artistic endeavors, fostering a passion for visual and sensory experiences.
  • Soccer: Instill a sense of teamwork and physical well-being through our soccer program, promoting active lifestyles and positive social interactions.
  • Ballet: Cultivate grace, discipline, and a love for the arts as your child delves into the world of ballet, guided by experienced instructors.

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Discover a world of enriched learning at Montessori of Anaheim, where we celebrate individuality, curiosity, and growth. Your child’s educational journey begins here. Contact us now to ignite the spark of lifelong learning.