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The Montessori Child

Every child is unique. Each child has his/her own capacity, rate of learning, background, experiences, motives, and style of learning – therefore, recognition of and provision for this individual difference is a necessity.

Prepared Environment

The child who has had the benefit of learning within a Montessori environment in which his developmental needs are met with the use of uniquely designed three-dimensional materials is better equipped at a later age to devote him/herself to the actualization of his/her respective potential. The Montessori classroom consists of 5 main areas: Sensorial, Practical Life, Math, Language, and Cultural (Geography, Science, Botany, Zoology, & History).

The Teacher

The teacher is the link that puts the child in touch with the environment. In addition to her role as an observer, she serves as the preparer and the communicator of the environment of the child. Her role is to guide the child’s learning and prepare the environment.