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Nurturing growth through Montessori Education

Who We Are

At Montessori of Anaheim, we prioritize every facet of a child’s growth – physical, social, emotional, and intellectual. Following Dr. Maria Montessori’s philosophy, we guide children to flourish through purposeful tasks. Our approach fosters a passion for learning, encourages discovery-based education, nurtures independence and self-assuredness, and cultivates discipline and focus, all while instilling an appreciation for the organization. Witness your child’s holistic development as they embark on a journey marked by curiosity, self-reliance, and a genuine love for learning.

Our Mission

Montessori of Anaheim believes that every child has the right to develop his/her own fullest potential and that our school exists to implement that right.

● We aim to provide a developmentally appropriate and safe environment for the children.

● We strive to stimulate children’s development academically, socially, emotionally, intellectually, and physically toward achieving their full potential.

● We wish to create an environment of respect for individual differences, offering children the freedom to learn at their unique pace.

● We dream of kindling the delight of learning, using captivating self-correcting materials and activities to foster intrinsic satisfaction and creativity.

● We hope to encourage experiences that will develop large and small muscle coordination and motor skills.


Montessori of Anaheim extends childcare services to Anaheim community families and children. Our dedication stems from a genuine affection for children, aiming to facilitate their proper growth and adaptation in our ever-evolving society. Embracing the Montessori philosophy, our school is fully equipped and staffed to provide optimal care for these young learners.

Our Core Values

● We uphold the art of teaching, especially Dr. Maria Montessori’s principles and practices, which inherently cater to children’s developmental traits and needs.

● Our goal is to integrate her educational principles and methodologies across all Montessori of Anaheim programs.

● We affirm that every child deserves a nurturing, safe, and intellectually stimulating environment to foster their growth.

● Recognizing parents as primary influencers, the school plays a supportive role, creating a harmonious partnership between home and school for the child’s benefit.

● We acknowledge that our behavior serves as the most impactful lesson for the child, making us their primary role model.

● Respect is a fundamental right for every community member, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, sexual preference, religion, race, or disability.

● We believe intelligence is a common attribute of a healthy mind, worthy of nurturing and encouragement.

Our Purpose

We endeavor to create a secure and health-promoting setting where children ranging from six weeks to kindergarten age can engage in collaborative learning and play, all while being directed toward achieving joyful and holistic growth. Our doors are open to everyone, regardless of race, color, ethnicity, or religion.

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